Rising Damp

Rising damp is a term used to describe water entering a building by being soaked up from the surrounding ground into walls and floors by capillarity action.

What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp occurs when ground water is absorbed by unprotected porous materials such as bricks, mortar or sandstone. Over a long period of time, this process causes damage to a property and may be present for several years before any signs of the problem become noticeable. Rising damp can be identified by the ‘tide mark’, caused by ground water salts, on affected walls.

Indicators of Rising Damp

There are many signs of rising damp to look out for in your property :

  • Blistering of paint and staining of wall coverings
  • Wall discolouration
  • Fragmenting plaster
  • Rusting of nails on skirting boards
  • The appearance of salt stains on the exterior of the property.

Rising Damp Treatment

The most common treatment we use to control the rise of damp in walls that have no physical damp proof course is to insert a thixotopic cream into a carefully selected mortar bed, to as close as possible to the recommendations given in BS6576 as site conditions permit.

At Perfect Preservation all our rising damp treatments guaranteed and we can offer a 10 year insurance backed G.P.I guarantee if necessary.

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